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Hi, We Strive To Capture God's Incredible Creations.

We're St. Paul, Minnesota brothers born from immigrant parents, who escaped The Killing Fields in Cambodia, to start a new life here in America. Growing up learning how to live alongside our parents was quite the journey of many embarrassing and traumatic events, but with all the growing pains involved. We realized as first generation Asian Americans we wanted to leave some kind of legacy behind as we'd be the first to start our family legacy here in the states.

We creatively story tell your special moments with photography, and video, so if you have an engagement, wedding or quinceañera! We would love to be there to help simplify at least two of the most important aspects of your special day! Reach out to us and we'll take care of you!

When you book through us, you’ll literally be a part of a legacy for YEARS to come. Technology isn’t going anywhere as far as we know, so as long as the future is filled with technology. You’ll be a part of helping a massive dream come true, and we'd be a part of documenting your moments for generations to come!

Hi, I am Shounam Ches.

Starting off with my parents because I want to give them the best the world has to offer. 

My parents were both immigrants who’ve escaped the Cambodian genocide, which was carried out by the Khmer Rouge back in 1970, to start a new life in America. With just the clothes off their backs, they started to raise my brothers and I in a completely new side of the world. The experiences they’ve shared with my siblings and I, and learning how to live in this country alongside them has caused me to become self sufficient through many failures and experiences of a lifetime. This caused me to open myself up to... READ MORE.

Hi, I am Jey Ches.

First, I want to start off by saying how blessed and thankful I am for having amazing parents. The sacrifices they’ve made to raise my brothers and I will forever be honored in my heart.

I’m the middle child of the family, so I get to see my older brothers mistakes. Watching him fail through a lot of situations made me realize that failure wasn’t an obstacle that stopped him in his tracks. He saw it as a learning curve to improve his skills, and knowledge, so that he could progress further in life.

Watching him inch toward his goals made me wonder what I wanted to do with my life. My parents wanted me to go to college, and I decided why not, school is easy. Pleasing my parents, I decided to go to Iowa State and chose computer science as my major. It felt like it was

the right thing to do.

One year into the program, I felt completely lost. I didn’t like what I was getting myself into and before I knew it…depression hit me. Contemplating suicide and




“Thank you so much for capturing these moments! I love this video so much ❤️ Your work is incredible in so many ways! We can’t wait for you and your brother, Jey Ches, to join us next June!!! 🥰”